Best Pest Management not only conducts thorough termite inspections but also performs all necessary repairs identified in a wood-destroying organism report, including construction work to fix dry rot damage. Unlike other companies, Best Pest 209 always strives to match the paint as closely as possible, ensuring a seamless transition for both new and current homeowners. We take pride in delivering excellent repairs and providing guarantees for all the work performed.

Trusted Realtor Partnerships

Realtors, at Best Pest Management, we are excited to have partnered with the real estate community for over 20 years, providing excellent customer service and often same-day turnaround on reports. We also offer repair services to help navigate through tough escrows. We value our long-standing relationship with the real estate community and look forward to continuing our great work together in the future.

Termite Inspection & Repair


Know Your Enemy: Common Termite Types


Subterranean termites are the most common type of termite and live in the soil, building distinctive mud tubes to access food sources above ground. These termites can cause extensive damage if left unchecked. Look for mud tubes around your home's foundation and wooden structures.


Drywood termites infest dry wood and are often found in attics, wooden furniture, and structural timbers. Unlike subterranean termites, they do not require contact with soil. Spot them by looking for tiny, pellet-like droppings (frass) and discarded wings near windowsills and light sources.


Dampwood termites prefer moist wood and are typically found in areas with high humidity, such as basements, leaky roofs, or around plumbing. These termites produce large, smooth galleries inside the wood they infest. Check for damaged wood that feels damp or spongy to the touch.


Formosan termites are an aggressive and destructive species known for their large colonies and rapid damage capabilities. They build intricate mud nests inside walls and can consume wood at a much faster rate than other termites. Watch for large swarms and mud nests on exterior walls.


Conehead termites, named for their distinctive cone-shaped heads, are an invasive species that can travel above ground without the need for mud tubes. They create large, visible nests and can cause significant damage in a short time. Look for above-ground tunnels and large, rounded nests.

Signs you have termites

When you notice termites in your Modesto home, don't delay-contact us right away. Even spotting a lone termite should be taken seriously as there may be thousands or even millions of others you don't see hiding underground or in the wooden elements of your home. An infestation of that magnitude can result in thousands of dollars of damage in a matter of months, all without you even knowing since termites work  silently and out of sight.

Take note of the following signs of termite infestations that warrant professional intervention:

Termite droppings (resembling coffee grounds or sawdust)

A faint clicking sound inside your walls (this is the way termites communicate)

Reproductive termites (resembling an ant with wings; this termite is tasked with forming new colonies)

Damaged wood in and around your home

Mud tubes in the foundation or along wood

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scott k.

Best Pest did a home inspection on a house my wife and I are in the process of purchasing. Matt was incredibly thorough and informative. He took the time and explained everything that he found and when I say thorough I mean thorough. Would recommend 100% and will use them in the future. 

Elizabeth Christensen

Love their professionalism! Appreciate how they communicate, and the office staff is always super polite and helpful. 

lori little

Best Pest is one of our go-to inspection companies. They are professional from the time you schedule with the Bri and/or Yoshi in the office and Anthony and David are always there to answer any questions and provide a solid inspection and recommendations for us as real estate professionals as well as for our client. Thanks for always making the process smooth. 


The staff are all great. I sell real estate and they are always the first I call for inspections.  My personal home had termites so I reached out to Anthony. Within two days he was at my house and confirmed I did in fact have termites that have damaged my window sill. Best Pest treated my home and made the necessary repairs to the damaged wood. They were quick, respectful of my personal belongings, and cleaned up any mess that was caused by the termites. I would highly recommend Best Pest Management for any of your pest needs. They will forever be my go-to pest company.

Riley Mcgrath-Kester

Anthony and his team at Best Pest Management are the best in the area. They are very communicative, insightful, and are always professional. I am a local real estate agent here in Modesto and getting inspections for my clients done in a timely manner is always my top priority. Whatever they can do to help, they are on it! Highly recommend!

Frank Orr

I have been using Best Pest Management for about 3 years now in my Real Estate practice. They have been on time for every appointment, turn around time is as promised, they are trustworthy and honest. If you are looking for an inspection and quality repair, this is your company.

JoAnna Merenda

Best Pest is always on time, courteous, and professional, but most of all they are competent and stand behind their work. Office staff is always friendly and responsive. As a Realtor, I rely on their services to help guide my clients and they always make me look good! Can't say enough good stuff about them and I highly recommend them.

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