The Most Common Termite Infestations

There are over 4,000 species of termites found across the world. However, the type of termites that infiltrate and damage homes can be narrowed down to a handful of species—subterranean, Formosan, and drywood termites.

Subterranean termites - The most common termite in the world and the most destructive to wood, subterranean termites account for nearly all termite damage in the country. As their name states, they like to live in underground nests around the foundation of a home and travel from the nest to the home to consume wood. A single termite queen can produce 5,000 to 10,000 eggs each year so their populations can reach from several hundred thousand to several million in little time.

Formosan termites - Nicknamed the “super termite,” Formosan termites are a subspecies of subterranean termite known to destroy wooden elements of homes in short order. The damage they inflict can get so devastating that it can render a home unsafe to live. A lone colony of Formosan termites can have millions of worker termites because of how quickly they multiply. 

Drywood Termites – While not as threatening to homes in comparison to subterranean termites, drywood termite infestations are still significant and require a different treatment approach. Unlike subterranean termites that live underground, drywood termites make their homes inside of wood.

The main difference between these species has to do with moisture. Subterranean termites require moisture for their survival, which is why they choose to live under damp soil. Drywood termites do not need a moist environment and can comfortably live in dry wood.

Signs you have termites

When you notice termites in your Modesto home, don't delay-contact us right away. Even spotting a lone termite should be taken seriously as there may be thousands or even millions of others you don't see hiding underground or in the wooden elements of your home. An infestation of that magnitude can result in thousands of dollars of damage in a matter of months, all without you even knowing since termites work  silently and out of sight.

Take note of the following signs of termite infestations that warrant professional intervention:

Termite droppings (resembling coffee grounds or sawdust)

A faint clicking sound inside your walls (this is the way termites communicate)

Reproductive termites (resembling an ant with wings; this termite is tasked with forming new colonies)

Damaged wood in and around your home

Mud tubes in the foundation or along wood

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