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Have you been waking up to itchy red bumps on your body? If this has been happening frequently, chances are you have bed bugs. Homeowners often bring bed bugs back when vacationing, having guests from out of town stay over, or from a recent stay at a hotel. However they invade, it’s crucial to call an experienced bed bug treatment professional to quickly address the issue and stop the infestation from getting worse. We know how bed bugs operate, where they like to hide, and can quickly and accurately pinpoint their hot spots for effective treatment. Let us help you put an end to those frustrating bites.

These following signs can tell you where bed bugs have been active:

Blood stains on your sheets and/or bedding. It is not uncommon for bed bugs to get squished in the middle of feeding on you in your sleep. This can leave a small spot of blood on your sheets or your mattress. Take a look when you are washing your sheets to see. 

Bed bug droppings. Once bed bugs have had a heavy meal, they are likely to defecate shortly after. These fecal marks look like blood stains but are smaller and darker, almost black. These can be found on sheets, mattresses, walls, curtains, and other surfaces. Areas where there are lots of smears are where bed bugs hide most.

Eggs and casings. Bed bugs go through several molting phases before reaching adulthood. Starting with when they break out of their egg at birth and ending with the fifth and final instar where they shed their skins. The skins look like a bed bug with a hollow body while the eggs look like a grain of white rice.

Live bed bugs. When you openly see live bed bugs, this is an indicator that the infestation is very large and bed bugs are lacking hiding spaces, so they travel out in search of a new place to hide. Bed bugs are also much more visible after they have had a meal as their bodies become engorged with blood.  

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Are you noticing an increasing number of ants on your property or the appearance of mounds in your yard? Ants can quickly become an overwhelming problem if ignored. Depending on the type of ant species present, they can range from a harmless nuisance to a damaging menace. Call Best Pest Management for expert ant control services. We specialize in using the latest technologies and proven methods for the successful elimination of even the biggest infestations.

If you see any of these signs of an ant infestation, it’s best to give us a call:

Ants crawling over exposed food. Ants are attracted to improperly stored or forgotten food. If you notice ants are swarming quickly, their colony is close and has easy access to your home.

Mounds in your yard. Most common ant species create large above-ground ant mounds that are hard to ignore. These unsightly constructions look like piles of soil or dirt. The bigger they are, the larger the colony. It can be even worse if you find multiple mounds on your property as that means the ant colony has become so large, they needed to branch out and create sub colonies to accommodate the population. More mounds and nests may be hidden inside homes between walls or in dark secluded areas.

Wood shavings. Finding sawdust or trails of crumbled wood on your property is a clear sign that you have carpenter ants. This ant species likes to burrow into wood and cause devastating damage.

Ant pathways. Ants lay down pheromones when they find a food source that signal the location of the food to other ants in the colony. If you see a long line of ants following a set path, there is an infestation present. Often, following this pathway can locate the nest.

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Cockroaches are an invasive pest that prefer living among or near human dwellings. They relentlessly hunt for points of entry into a home, and once they find their way in, they can be hard to exterminate. If left alone, even a small number of cockroaches can grow quickly, thanks to their breeding habits. Roach populations can multiply to the point where they can overrun your home. Aside from being an embarrassing annoyance for homeowners, they can also be a health hazard through their potential for spreading harmful bacteria and disease-causing pathogens.


Out of the nearly 4,000 species of cockroaches in the world, only about 30 come in contact with humans. The rest like to stay far away from civilization. An even smaller number of those 30 frequent indoors. In the Central Valley, the most common cockroach species we have encountered are the American Cockroach, German Cockroach, Oriental Cockroach, and the Brown-Banded Cockroach.

The most common cockroach species in houses is the German Cockroach. This small-sized roach has a short lifespan of up to a year but in that span of time they can create such a massive infestation that its problems can be unending without professional intervention. You would literally have hundreds of thousands of German roaches in your home if you left them to their own devices.

German cockroaches are excellent hiders and perform all their foraging activities at night under the cover of darkness. A female cockroach is constantly producing eggs that are stored in capsules of 30 to 50. You may see the egg capsule hanging out of her backside, which, when ready, will be dropped and hatch out nymph roaches. Nymphs can grow to adults in as quickly as four months. 

The fast turnaround time of the reproduction cycle means that a small handful of German cockroaches can become a full-blown infestation that will be hard to control without the help of experienced experts.

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Spiders are a common household pest that can find their way into your home with relative ease. While most spiders are typically harmless and small, there are others that can be large, harmful, or even frightening. No matter the species, spiders can be concerning when they appear in large numbers and begin putting up webs in your garage, storage areas, or basement. Best Pest Management can help tackle spider issues both big and small across the Central Valley. We’ll help you find a solution that will keep them off your property all year round.

Some of the spiders we commonly encounter include:

Black widow spiders: Regarded as one of the most dangerous spiders in the world due to its venomous bite, black widows can easily be differentiated from other spiders due to their signature red marking on the underside of their body.

Wolf spiders: Wolf spiders can sometimes be confused with tarantulas because of their large, brownish-colored, hairy appearance. They are not aggressive and are known for living underground rather than spinning webs.

Cellar spiders: Nicknamed “daddy long legs,” cellar spiders have delicate legs and are relatively harmless but can be annoying due to their web spinning habits in areas of darkness and seclusion.

House spiders: As their name indicates, these spiders are commonly found in homes, particularly around the cooler months in search of a warm place to stay.

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Bugs are not the only unwanted guests that trespass onto your property. When you notice rodent activity in or around your home, call Best Pest Management. Our trained professionals are fully certified and licensed to handle almost any type of rodent issue. Depending on your preference, we can come up with a solution that involves lethal means of control or non-lethal relocation. Rodents infiltrating your home can range from being a minor disturbance to a major health hazard. Trying to handle an invader on your own can be risky, which is why you shouldn't hesitate to call our capable team to get the help you need to eliminate the trespassers and feel safe in your home again.

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Roof Rats: Roof rats are a common problem, causing damage by gnawing on electrical wires, insulation, and structural elements, while also posing health risks through their droppings and urine.

Norway Rats: Norway rats can cause extensive damage to property including burrowing through walls and foundations, contaminating food supplies, and transmitting diseases.

House Mice: House mice are known for their ability to quickly reproduce and infest homes, causing damage by gnawing on wires, furniture, and stored items, as well as spreading diseases through their droppings.

Gophers: Gophers are a significant nuisance,  damaging yards and gardens by creating extensive tunnels and mounds, while also feeding on plant roots and causing plant death.

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Other pests

There's a wide variety of pests that can invade your home or business. Our technicians at Best Pest Management are licensed and certified to keep your home free of unwelcome guests. Whether it's persistent flies, or mosquitos pestering you in your yard, call a professional to help you keep them at bay. 

some other common household pests include:

Flies: House flies and fruit flies can be persistent pests, contaminating food and spreading diseases.

Mosquitoes: Mosquitoes not only cause irritating bites but can also transmit diseases such as West Nile virus and dengue fever.

Silverfish: Silverfish are small, wingless insects that feed on starchy materials like paper, clothing, and book bindings, potentially damaging these items.

Carpet Beetles: Carpet beetles can infest carpets, upholstery, and clothing, feeding on natural fibers like wool and silk.

Earwigs: Earwigs are nocturnal insects with pincer-like appendages at the rear of their bodies. While they do not pose significant health risks, their presence indoors can be unpleasant and they may damage plants in gardens.

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Diamond D.

“Best pest sent Brandon out same day! He did a thorough inspection, found 3 different entry points in our home that this rat may have used to get in. He set 2 traps , and placed a bait box. 5 hours later the rat was dead! Thank goodness.”


Best Pest Management has been my go to company for pest inspections on our clients real estate transactions. From beginning to end they are very professional and knowledgeable. If we are on strict timelines they do their best to help us out. I would highly recommend them.


Very professional, always on time and you will notice that your pest problem will be controlled. There has not been a time I had to call for them to come back before my scheduled visit. I'm very happy with my service. If you are looking for awesome pest control, call and schedule your visit, all staff members are absolutely awesome.


The staff are all great. I sell real estate and they are always the first I call for inspections.  My personal home had termites so I reached out to Anthony. Within two days he was at my house and confirmed I did in fact have termites that have damaged my window sill. Best Pest treated my home and made the necessary repairs to the damaged wood. They were quick, respectful of my personal belongings, and cleaned up any mess that was caused by the termites. I would highly recommend Best Pest Management for any of your pest needs. They will forever be my go-to pest company.


"Best Pest offers great customer service from office staff to the inspectors, they are responsive, honest, thourough & reasonably priced.
I highly recommend them, they are my go-to for my real estate clients pest inspections and for their pest control service. Call them for your pest needs, you will be happy you did. They really are the 'BEST'!"

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